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Syed Hasan


Syed Hasan is a promising new director whose debut documentary, “100 Boats,” is a personal account of his experience during 2017's Hurricane Harvey. Syed focuses on the compassion his community showed during this natural disaster and highlights the countless volunteers who worked tirelessly, risking their own safety, to help neighbors flee their flooded homes.


Born in Karachi and raised in New York City, Syed has been living in Houston since 2007. A self-taught filmmaker, his passion for the arts started in high school, where he picked up a point-and-shoot camera to make his first short films. Syed continues to master his craft, learning the tricks of the trade from film legends such as Quentin Tarantino, Werner Herzog, Christopher Nolan, and Stanley Kubrick.


For more information about Syed’s work, and where you can watch “100 Boats,” follow Syed on Instagram or send him a message.

Peter Le


Peter Le is a self-taught cinematographer and editor from San Jose, California. His line of work has taken him all over the world; from the deserts of Kuwait to the beaches of Australia. Peter's work has been featured on multiple international ad campaigns around the world. Peter is heavily influenced by Christopher Nolan and he credits a lot of his inspiration to the famed director. 

100 Boats was an extremely personal project for Peter as Hurricane Harvey had a major impact on his own community in Cypress, Texas. Working on 100 Boats was a very rewarding experience for Peter, giving him the opportunity to showcase the thousands of volunteers who worked together to save their city. For Peter,100 Boats was also a reminder about the major impacts climate change can have on our communities if left unchecked. 


To view more of Peter's work, visit:

Instagram: @petersaluee

Joachim Heinrich

Music Composer 

Joachim Heinrich is an up and coming musician and composer from Germany. With his neo-classical and ambient inspired creations, Joachim incorporates his own experiences and feelings into his music.


Born in Worms, Germany and raised in a little town near Frankfurt, Joachim found himself surrounded by music from an early age. Joachim credits his family for his love of music and for encouraging him to create music. Although Joachim has no formal musical training, his passion for learning and creating music continues to grow. Currently, Joachim lives and studies in Freiburg, Germany.


Listen to Joachim’s music on Spotify

or follow him on Soundcloud:

Nathaniel Wolkstein

Professional Violinist. Composer. Producer.

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, professional violinist, composer and producer Nathaniel Wolkstein has had his music described as “moving and inventive" (Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra) and “versatile, expressive and catchy” (Jorge Mejia, President and CEO of Sony Latin). 


He has scored more than 250 projects, including an original score for the Frost Science Museum’s grand opening in Miami, the “Imagine the Moon” documentary produced by Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, as well as multiple award-winning and award-nominated films. With a classical training background, the foundation of his music often includes strings and piano, but is blended with the instruments and elements of pop, rock, cinematic and experimental music while maintaining depth in arrangement, performance and production.

In addition to the violin, Nathaniel regularly composes, records and produces on the viola, piano, acoustic and electric guitar, electric bass, drums, percussion and more. With so much in his toolbox and a polished ability to produce music spanning from classical to rock, Nathaniel is constantly pushing the boundaries of the modern classical and popular music styles to create his own unique and compelling signature sound.


To view Nathaniel's work, visit:  

3P Off-Road

3P Off-Road is an ATV repair shop based in Cypress, Texas. Operations at 3P first started in a two-car garage as a hobby between two friends. A booming market allowed 3P to move into their current 3,500 square foot facility where they have been servicing the Cypress area since the early 2000's. 

During Hurricane Harvey, the owners of 3P Off-Road decided to shut down their business and convert their shop into an emergency relief shelter for flood victims and first responders. 3P also operated one of the largest search and rescue operations during Harvey, helping to rescue over 3,000 people from their flooded homes.

For more information, visit:

Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Founded in 1838 by the national Episcopal Church as a mission to the people of Texas, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas spans more than 46,000 square miles and encompasses 57 counties. Led by the Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle, the diocese encompasses more than 159 congregations, 93 missional communities, 22 campus missions, chaplaincies, foundations, institutions, and 76,000 parishioners. We embrace all people with mutual love and respect. 


Funding for Harvey Recovery ministry to support our most vulnerable neighbors continues to be provided to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Pearland (with its partner Mosaic in Action) through our Diocesan Quin Foundation and our multi-year grant from Episcopal Relief & Development. Through more than 30 of our congregations and missional communities, many more residents in our diocesan footprint have been receiving additional forms of storm recovery assistance since Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston in August 2017.

For more information, visit:


MARDI GRAS is a student-run disaster relief organization from Marquette University. Following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, students began making trips down to New Orleans to help rebuild the city and form meaningful relationships with the community.


Currently, MARDI GRAS is working in Rosharon, TX, New Orleans, LA, and Panama City, FL. They send over 500 students annually to these cities. Members of MARDI GRAS have been traveling to Rosharon since May 2018 to rebuild the 180 homes that were destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. MARDI GRAS is eternally grateful to have met such strong-minded and compassionate people through their experiences and look to continue to form friendships in the cities that they work in. 

For more information, visit:


Mosaic in Action (MiA) is a non-profit that was formed to improve the lives of the residents of Brazoria County. When Hurricane Harvey hit in August of 2017, MiA was able to draw upon years of experience in home repairs to open the Mosaic in Action Storm Recovery Center (MiASRC). On many homes, MiA was able to reduce the cost of rebuilding by up to 75% through the use of volunteer labor whenever possible.

Mosaic in Action was introduced to the plight of those living in Little Cambodia through their work with SEWA International, the United Way of Brazoria County, and Builders without Borders of Texas. MiA worked with these organizations to bring volunteers, new appliances, building materials and funding to rebuild homes and greenhouses in Little Cambodia. MiA enjoys a close relationship with Johnny and his team, and are honored to play a part in rebuilding shattered homes and shattered lives in Brazoria County.

For more information, visit:

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